Mulberry Greens Estate

Disk Golf Course


Our children enjoy sports and the outdoors. To entertain them (and ourselves) we created an 18 hole course on the property using 6 baskets with multiple fairways and approaches. Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing participant sports in the United States and is a great way to exercise.

We designed our course with a combination of hole styles.    Half of the holes are similar to the wide open and long play found at Veteran's Park (30 miles away in Florence, Alabama).    The other half has very tight holes like those found at Chickasaw Trail Course in Tishomingo State Park (Off Site Link) (25 miles Southwest of Mulberry Green Estates on the Natchez Trace).   Those fairways travel through narrow tunnels created under the limbs of the oak trees and multiple "roughs" of small bushes make the drives difficult.    Click the pictures below for a tour of selected holes.

               Hole #1     

               Hole #2    

               Hole #3    

               Hole #4     

The first four fairways cross the open pastures in the front of the house but tee off or end among oak trees. The later holes are within the hardwood groves east of the house.

Hole #7                    Hole #8                   Hole #15    

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