Mulberry Greens Estate

Timber and Conservation Reserve Program

Hardwood forest covers about 7 to 10 acres of the property.   These Red Oak, Elm, Hackberry, Walnut, Blackgum, Native Pecan, and Sassafras trees have not been cut in 80 years and are approaching "old growth" size. Additional ornamental plantings of Bradford Pear, Dogwood, Pecan, Walnut, American Redbud, Cherry, Flowering Crab Apple and Washington Hawthorne have been planted around the property as part of a planned landscape design.

Thirty-six acres of the property are enrolled in the Federal Government's "Conservation Reserve Program" (CRP) and are planted in Loblolly Pines.    This program provides a dependable yearly rental income for the property while the trees are growing toward maturity. The Mulberry Soil is excellent for growing pines with a site index (ability to grow pines) of greater than 100. The pines shown here are 2 1/2 years old and are already 8 to 10 feet tall.

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