Mulberry Greens Estate

Wildlife Plots

There are four areas on the property that have been developed as wildlife plots. The photo on the right shows the area along Mulberry Lane where sunflowers are grown each year. The seeds from the sunflowers provide food for Dove, Quail and a number of song birds. 6 nesting pairs of quail placed their nest on the farm this year and at least 4 successfully raised coveys. They remain in the wildlife plot feeding on the sunflower seeds and we frequently flush them while on evening walks.

A six acre area is reserved in the Southeast corner for deer habitat. The deer frequent the loblolly pine plantation but the dense growth in the corner wildlife tract provides them a place to browse and get away from predators. An assortment of plants is encouraged to grow in this area including natural common honeysuckle (shown at left), a nutritious food for white-tail deer.

2 acres along the West edge is planted in Hybrid Blackberries and Vetch. These plants provide food for quail and other ground birds (and humans) as well has habitat for rabbits, raccoons, and turkeys.

The fourth wildlife plot is 1 3/4 acres in size and lies directly behind the house. This plot is planted in a variety of plants such as Bicolor Lespedeza, Crimson Clover, Ledino Clover, Crab Apple, Walnut Trees, Hawthorne, Redbud and Dogwood Trees. These plants attract all kinds of wildlife near the house so they can be viewed from the balcony. We have watched Red Tail Hawks work this plot and make attacking dives many times. The trees on this wildlife plot are currently young but will soon develop into brilliant colors in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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