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Jennell Trulove

Jennell Trulove
 Jennell Trulove is an accomplished artist with works on display in 28 states and on 3 continents. She has won numerous awards for her paintings and has been commissioned for paintings by individuals, Community Spirit Bank, Red Bay Arts and Entertainment Center and Farm Bureau. She owns "The Oaks Art Gallery" where she promotes the work of aspiring artists and teaches beginning and intermediate art classes.

Little Bear Creek Dam   The Old Red Bay Depot

Jennell taught school for 39 years and as part of her school work incorporated basic art work and crafts into her lessons. As she neared retirement she developed her interest in art and started creating paintings of local buildings, bridges and landscapes. Above are two pictures from this phase of her work. The left painting is of "The Little Bear Creek Grist Mill". This mill is still in operation and it is visible from Alabama Hwy 24 about 11 miles east of Red Bay, Alabama. The picture on the right is of "The Old Red Bay Depot". This depot no longer exists and Jennell painted it from memory and with the aid of old photographs. These two paintings are in Water Color and both original paintings are available from TruloveStyle.

   Garden Iris

After retiring from the Alabama School system in 1989 Jennell concentrated on painting full time and opened the Oaks Art Gallery on Highway 23, south of Red Bay, Alabama.  She began to experiment with watercolors and found it to be the perfect medium for her crisp floral compositions and landscapes.  Her paintings of Roses, Lilies, and Magnolia blooms widened her audience from a local following to a national one.

Check TruloveStyle's Art Work for more of Jennell's paintings.

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