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Patio & Garden Furniture

The Victorian Garden Bench


"Solid" is an understatement when describing the "Victorian Park Bench".  This bench is made from solid cast iron and weighs more than 200 pounds.  It doesn't have to be fastened to a concrete base to give you a stable chair to sit in.  The sitting surface is aged teak wood.  The ironwork design is a beautiful garden floral (pictured below).  This bench will be passed down from generation to generation.

Dimensions: Total Width: 45.5"   Maximum Height: 36.5"   Seat Depth 14"


The Circle Back Garden Bench




The "Circle Back Park Bench" is only slightly lighter (at 150 lbs) than the Victorian.  It has two oval backrests and an aged teak wood seat which create a comfortable and long lasting bench.  The center ironwork is a delicate floral and the bench arms feature a dove and vine (shown below).

Dimensions: Total Width: 51.5"   Maximum Height: 31.5"   Seat Depth 15.5"



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"Life's too short to live without beauty!"

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