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Jimmie McWilliams

Jimmie McWilliams
 Jimmie McWilliams is a retired farmer who has lived his entire life in Northwest Alabama. His lifetime of work on the farm taught him how to be an amateur mechanic, electrician, welder, carpenter, surveyor, architect, chemist, geneticist, lawyer, etc. It also taught him to be an acute observer of people, animals, and the earth, with an unusually unbiased perspective. Where countless others passed stones in the fields on his farm and saw only "rocks", Jimmie saw Rabbits, Neanderthals, and Hobbits. From those stones he created a work of art that he calls "Stone Unhinged" (See Picture Below).

Stone Unhinged

Jimmie used the same observation skills to look back on his life growing up in Northwest Alabama and has written a book about that time titled "Corn Pone". This book is a collection of stories filled with laughter and tears about life growing up in Alabama in the 1920's, 30's and 40's and Jimmie's unique perspective makes this a pleasant read. Autographed copies of "Corn Pone" can be ordered from TruloveStyle for $14.95 - 216 pages.

Corn Pone 

Excerpts: We Brushed Mama's Hair

     She called the boy and his two sisters; they responded immediately and found her sitting before a mirror brushing her hair. She hugged the three together and then asked them to take turns brushing her hair. The boy was six; his sisters were four and two. A baby brother lay in a nearby crib.

     Her hair was red-brown, shoulder length and cool to the touch as they brushed it. When each child brushed, she held the other two to her side in a firm embrace.

     The ritual was interrupted when their grandmother arrived to take them for a weekend visit. She collected a paper poke of clothing for each child and then the two women conferred for several minutes. The Grandmother came away pale, drawn and teary-eyed. Then the mother again summoned the boy and his sisters to her chair and hugged each in turn and clung persistently to their hands as they were led away. They saw her waving behind the window curtains as they were driven off.

     She had attempted to explain to the boy the reason for a return to the hospital after only a few days at home. He remembered the words "appendicitis", "peritonitis", and "might be gone a long time"' but it was all meaningless to a six year old's mind. ..........

Excerpts: The Clovis Point

     You could almost feel it's presence: Bits and pieces of flint had indicated it's nearness for years. A broken base piece was found here; then a large chopping type flint was found there. The evidence accumulated until we knew, for certain, that the Clovis People had camped at Hogan's Pond.

     And then, finally, I saw it! The base of what seemed to be a perfectly formed Clovis point stuck out of the red clay near a cotton stalk, two rows over.

     The hair on my neck moved and I breathed deeply. It was exquisite excitement. One hundred centuries - and more - may have elapsed since human hands had touched it. The marvel of flint art reflected intelligence. A robust people had passed this way.

     The hot sun beat down, and I wiped the sweat from my eyes with my sleeve. A second glance confirmed it. There, two cotton rows over, lay a Clovis point. In my hesitation, anticipation and imagination, in my reverie, I heard a wolf dog's howl and bark. Then the fearsome sound of a saber toothed tiger's guttural cough and roar was also heard. In my growing fantasy the murmur, the babble of human voices reached my ear from down near Hogan's Pond. The Lu Clan! The Clovis People!

     .....Then in my reverie, I saw Gulu and his younger brother Malu. The two had pursued a young mastodon bull into the water of Hogan's Pond a hundred centuries ago and had lost a Clovis point.

     They and their two wolf-dogs carefully crawled upwind to within two man-lengths of the mastodon. The dew soaked leaves suppressed sound and gave them time to stand and implant two spear projectiles into the animal's rib cage before it became aware of them. The wolf-dogs snapped and bit at it's head giving them the opportunity to thrust their large hand-held spears into the vulnerable exposed belly. When the bull, finally, spotted the main attackers, it had loped away with another spear-projectile in it's haunch from Gulu's atlatl throwing stick. ............

Table of Contents

Dad's Old Hat
The Deafening Silence
Katie's Gift
Monster Cat
The "Pantuh" Scare
The Brick Haul
We Brushed Mama's Hair
The Convalescence
M. Cheevie III: Deceased
His Grandfather's Eyes
The Rapture at the Dippin' Vat
The Cornfield Mutiny
A Dog Tale - Or - A Tale Told by a Wag
The End of Summer
Readin', 'Ritin' and 'Rithmetic
The Great "Lime" Disaster
Eddie Was Not a Coward
Mamaw's Unfinished Quilts
The Clovis Point
Dad's Old Ledger
Ol'Blackie and Ol'Blue
Ol'Glugly and the Coyote Bitch
The Floatin' Gang
Orilla's Secret
The Treasure Trove
Sliced Light Bread
G. T. T. (Gone To Texas)
Home From the War
A Message to Miss Miller
The Town's Clown
"Tar" Peterson
Sam and the Dinner Bell
The Ultimate Compliment
The Christmas of 1929
Rocks In Our Yard or Stone Unhinged
The Reunion

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