Cherokee Lions Club

Safety Newsletters

Welcome to The Cherokee Lions Club's safety newsletter web-site. The goal of this page is to communicate information on safety to our members and to others that have an interest and can benefit from the safety activities of the Cherokee Lions Club.

The basis for the Cherokee Lions Club Safety Program is a system where each member watches for, and reports, a "safety incident" each month. An incident may be an accident, a near miss, or just a situation that could be dangerous. By reporting and discussing these incidents with the group as a whole, individuals will recognize high risk situations and, hopefully, avoid them. By just watching for incidents, each member will unconsciously lead a safer life and promote safety around themselves. Take a look at the newsletters below and learn from the experiences of others.

Current News Letter

Vol. 2 2003 - 25 March, 2003 - Incident Reports, Seasonal Reminders

Past News Letters

Vol. 1 2003 - 11 February, 2003 - Incident Reports, Program Review

Vol. 5 2002 - 12 November, 2002 - Incident Reports, Seatbelts, Heaters

Vol. 4 2002 - 22 October, 2002 - Incident Reports, Deer Accident

Vol. 3 2002 - 8 October, 2002 - Incident Reports, Avoid Fractures

Vol. 2 2002 - 24 September, 2002 - Seatbelts, Incident Reports

Vol. 1 2002 - 13 August, 2002 - Incident Reports, Introduction

Remember, if you did not turn in an incident report this month, you deprived other members of an opportunity to learn from your observations and experiences. If you were not watching, you missed the opportunity to learn from a near miss or unsafe practice. Just watching for "accidents waiting to happen" will make you a safer person.

Be the hero in Cherokee and help save someone's life.

Give your incident report to David or Jona at the next meeting or e.mail to or call 370-7910 and leave the incident on the machine if we are not at home. We will make sure your information is included in the next newsletter and everyone can benefit.