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Hand Painted Oxford from TruloveStyle

TruloveStyle uses product pages (found under the categories on the left) to send information about our products to customers around the world. However, we frequently handle one of a kind items that never show up on our these pages. If you are looking for something and you don't find it on the product pages, write us with a request. We'll look through the warehouse and chances are we can find what you are looking for. If not, well search the world over for your needs. Then we'll put pictures or descriptions of the item on these pages to make your shopping just a little bit easier.

For example, if you had e.mailed us or called and asked about a hand painted chair, we would have put the picture of the Hand Painted Oxford Chair above on your personal TruloveStyle Web Page. You could have bought this great chair for only $789!

Write Jona at jona@trulovestyle.com and let us know what you will be adding to your home next. Chances are we will be able to get you just what you want and at a better price that you will find at "conventional" furniture stores or boutiques.

We deliver/ship anywhere!
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