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Special Customer Information
for Nancy S!
Festive Bouquet

Nancy, Your sisters were visiting the store this morning and thought the "Festive Bouquet", pictured above was perfect for you. This bouquet is displayed in an eighteen inch tall urn that is twelve inches in diameter. It is bronze in color. The total height is 42 inches and the flowers are 36 inches wide. Tip to tip of the Grass is 48 inches wide. This is a large arrangement. This is a perfect arrangement for a table center piece or as a focal point in an entrance hall.

The arrangement has more than 50 high quality flower blossoms. It also has clusters of berries and wild grasses. The colors range from Yellow and Orange to deep crimson red.

Our price for this beautiful arrangement is $129. This is a one of a kind arrangement so if you would like for us to hold it for you, let us know. Write Jona at jona@trulovestyle.com and let us know what you will be adding to your home next. Chances are we will be able to get you just what you want and at a better price that you will find at "conventional" furniture stores or boutiques.

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